(T3i) Camera records in color, as selected, but all i can see on LED is monochrome!

Issue #2370 invalid
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**I set the picture style to USER DEF 1, which pulls down contrast etc.

I go to shoot, looking at the LED screen, seeing color as expected.

I half-press the shutter button, video recording begins.

Instantly upon video recording beginning, LED screen turns to black and white.

I watch the footage. Footage is in color.

Am I missing something or has my T3i just turned into trash?

BTW, I dont understand what is meant by "assignee" below**

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  1. Licaon Kter

    Assign it to a1ex please.

    Do you have ML Menu -> Overlay -> Focus Image -> Grayscale ON ?

    Or maybe ML Menu -> Video -> RAW Video on -> Preview Options -> ML Grayscale ?

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