Warning for bad settings - turns off after a couple seconds

Issue #2373 resolved
Daniel Fort created an issue

When any of the options for "Warning for bad settings" are enabled the warning only appears on the LCD for a couple of seconds when the camera is first turned on. Shouldn't the warning stay on? The red LED does flash so it is an indication that something is wrong. Cycling the power will once again show the warning for a couple of seconds.

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  1. Daniel Fort reporter

    Looks like this affects other cameras too. According to @andreasb242

    "I tested it on a 550D, the message appears on turn on or on switching the MF/AF switch. The camera beeps and the message dispersals after about 3 seconds."

  2. andreasb242

    But I'm not sure if this is wrong, because it's only a warning, you may would like that it disappears? You can photograph with this warning.

  3. Walter Schulz

    Tested recent nightly builds on 7D and 650D with quality warning (other than RAW): LEDs blinking as long as power is on and quality setting is not RAW.

  4. andreasb242

    Ok, I also tested it again on the 650D and 550D, on Both Camera the SD Card LED is blinking the whole time.

    On the 550D the LED is smaller and not that bright as on the 650D, so I simple don't see it if I hold the camera with my right hand.

    Does the EOSM have an SD Card LED?

  5. Daniel Fort reporter

    If it was up to me the warning on the LCD should be in big red (flashing?) letters that won't turn off until the setting that triggered the warning is switched off. (Think seat belt or overheating warning in your car.)

    Maybe it should be a user setting? Short warning / Persistent warning

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