Magic Lantern doesn't start up on 7d version 203 M.L. nightly build

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I have used M.L. several months it worked fine! But since two weeks it doesn't start up any more, I got the menu from Canon. It doesn't show up on al my cf-cards were it showed up two weeks ago.

What I already tried: 1 "update firmware" I did uninstall en installed M.L. from the card 2 reïnstalled M.L. on the card and installed it again with update firmware

does anyone has this problem also and knows what to do??

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Format card in cam.

    Insert card into cardreader

    Copy extracted nightly build contents to card

    Insert card into cam and run firmware update.

    Restart after success message and before uninstall is triggered by timeout.

    Report back.

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