Early stop (11). Didn't make it to estimated record time!

Issue #2376 resolved
Robin Kemp created an issue

Apologies in advance for n00bishness. I just installed ML on a Canon 60D (1.1.1) and was fiddling around while recording some test video. I half-pressed the shutter to see what the autofocus/exposure would do, and it crashed. I got this message first: "Early stop (11) Didn't make it to estimated record time!" Then I got two other messages: "Pls send COREDUMP.DAT to ML debs." and "Pls send CRASHLOG00.LOG to ML devs." Pix attached.

For now, here's what the CRASHLOG00.LOG says:

[93] raw_rec_task: NULL PTR (4,e1a00000) pc=ff078620 lr= 2ce000 stack=162560+0x1000 entry=a97d8(0) e1a00000 ffff14 3b252512 100c023 85883c00 e1a00000 e59ff010 e59ff010

Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2015Oct01.60D111 Mercurial changeset : df63de51f4c3 (unified) tip Built on 2015-09-30 22:15:38 UTC by jenkins@magiclantern.fm. Free Memory : 314K + 1767K

Thanks in advance! I'm blown away by the vast improvement in onboard audio quality alone. Can't wait to get this on some sticks and start shooting!

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  1. Fabian Hitz

    I think the problem is the maximum writing speed of the 60D wich is below 40MB/s. When you try to record full HD raw the buffer fills up and the camera stops recording. Only the 5D III can record full HD raw for long time. Try recording with a lower resolution like 720p.

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