Dualiso frequently, but not always, fails to trigger when using LiveView on 7d

Issue #2385 open
c m created an issue

On the 7d, if dualiso is turned on and a shot is taken while in live view, the shot is not generally taken with dualiso, even though a shot is taken.

If LiveView is turned off, dualiso works as expected.

Sometimes it works properly for many shots in a row, then will suddenly stop working. I have tried but failed to find anything that correlates with the failure.

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  1. c m reporter

    I have discovered that if the drive mode is set to rapid automatic and you fire off two shots, the first shot is generally NOT recorded as dualISO, while the second shot IS generally recorded as dualISO. (I double checked -- Alternate frames is OFF.) This makes some sense since turning off liveview fixes the problem, and the second shot happens while live view is off.

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