6D bugs: menu and card issues

Issue #2387 duplicate
Pindado created an issue

I've just installed ML on my Canon 6D, and i have some troubles. At first, when i go to the ML menu it sometimes leaves it when you are working on it. Also, the camera does not record video with the picture style i choose, and the ISO is much more lower than the ISO I am working. I see that when i convert video on raw2dng the .mov file that creates, but when i saw the dng files i see them totally diferent. In both, the image is much more diferent that what i see on the camera screen. I record raw files, not MLV files. Once, my mac didn't recognize the card, and it also happened in the camera. I lost some files. I have a Lexar card 633x 128GB. I think it may be an issue of the card, but it may be some ML bugs, I don't know. Anyway, sorry for my english and thanks.

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