t3i download, has no firmware file, doesn't turn off when switched off, red light still blinks

Issue #2394 invalid
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Nov 3rd 2015

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  1. Walter Schulz

    FAQ: Blinking LED condition -> Remove battery

    Missing FIR: Nightly build does not contain FIR. FIR is needed for first install. That's why installation procedure in download section is telling "You cannot use this package for first install."

    Wipe ML directory and Autoexec.bin from card, copy extracted nightly build contents to card and startup cam.

  2. Walter Schulz

    He doesn't need the second part (= first installation step) because he had this part covered. Error description implies cam's bootflag is set and card is bootable.

  3. Walter Schulz

    No doubt about that, Licaon. But you can't use this FIR with Nightly Build.

    To sum it up for you: FIR is only needed in "Firmware update" and will only work with v2.3 (and it's restriction to handle cards up to 32 GB). 600D is the only cam remaining with split installation. You have to use v2.3 to set cam's bootflag. Cam's bootflag is set. And card is bootable. So what is FIR helping here? Nothing at all, that is. Do you have a different opinion? If so, please describe in detail what our issue-opener has to do now with this file to un-stuck his configuration.

    Wade: Are you the issue opener? Are we talking about T3/1100D or about T3i/600D?

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