Canon 700D - Arrow/set shortcuts dosen't work

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tej ville created an issue

i've just installed magic lantern on my 700d on 1.1.4 firmware and the arrow/set shortcuts appears from time to time, even if i set the shotcut to "set" button, if i press it nothing happnes.

they randomly appear.

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  1. Daniel Fort

    It seems to be working properly, at least the way I understand it. I haven't seen the arrow/set shortcuts appearing randomly.

    The face sensor above the viewfinder should be toggling the arrow/set shortcuts on and off then the "Arrow/SET shortcuts" Prefs are enabled, right?

    Found this related item on the forum from the same month and year that this issue was reported which indicates that everything works fine in camera:

  2. nikfreak

    Daniel can you please check the stub for "DispSensorStart". Sounds like it might got forgotten when upgrading to 1.1.4. Bit confused atm. If the 1.1.4 dump I got is ok then it is same as the 650D one - FF145480. probably just my 1.1.4 dump is wrong?

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