Arrow/SET shortcuts selection doesn't work during recording

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6h5c created an issue

The Arrow/SET shortcuts selection doesn't work during movie recording. It works fine in live-view, but as soon as I hit record I can't change the selection anymore with the AF points button. The current selection is fixed during recording.

Canon firmware 1.1.6 Built on: 2015-11-07 01:36:15 +0100 Changeset: 8146093

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  1. Jack

    same problem here! Can only make arrow shortcuts disappear with star button, they don't come back.

    ALSO, when the camera auto resumes recording, the shortcuts change with me. If I have ISO/KEL shortscuts selected, it changes to AV/TV shortcuts after the recording is resumed. problematic, since I have to stop recording to put the ISO/KEL shortcuts back :(

    Using ML 2016-10-09 with Canon 6D 1.1.6 with DSLR Controller on Galaxy S2.

  2. Alex

    Check the button codes (Debug -> Show GUI events) sent by that button while recording, or suggest a different button.

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