B:/ML/H264.ini not found - 6D

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Whenever I click "Load H264.ini" it gives me this error. I would like to change the bitrate of my videos but I cannot :(

Using a Canon 6D, tried like 4 nightly builds and none work.

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  1. Cliff Shorey

    I have the same problem, I went back on the nightly builds trying to find a version that works as well with no luck. It's a bummer that theres been no response, since I've seen many users with the same issue.

  2. Cliff Shorey

    Well I'd like the same ability it seems most cameras have to multiply 2, or 3X the original. I'd also like to choose between VBR and CBR. I understand it is a possibility that the way each camera records could be different. My 550D works perfectly however it does not support ALLi intraframe compression which may be a factor within the 6D.

  3. CB Du Rietz

    I have the same problem. The H264.ini is not included in the build (6D.116 - magiclantern-Nightly.2016Feb28.6D116.zip).

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