cr2hdr always reporting 5D3 as camera

Issue #2403 resolved
Daniel Fort created an issue

When cr2hdr is processing a batch of dng's it is reporting:

Camera          : Canon EOS 5D Mark III

While exiftool is properly reporting the camera that was used. In this case:

Make                            : Canon
Camera Model Name               : Canon EOS M
Unique Camera Model             : Canon EOS M

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  1. Alex

    With my binary (7e50492), on my sample file from EOS M, it reports:

    Input file      : _MG_2113.CR2
    Camera          : Canon EOS M

    Tried in batch mode as well - first CR2 from 5D2, second from EOS M, in the same command line. The camera was indentified correctly for both files.

  2. Daniel Fort reporter

    Have you tried it on a DNG? The sample files I'm using were from dual_iso mlv files converted with mlv_dump and MLVFS.

    I should have also added that this was tested on a Macintosh though I doubt that should make a difference.

  3. Alex

    Got it. The DNG does not contain CanonModelID (it only contains camera name as string), but cr2hdr uses the ID. Should be easy to fix, since the ID is not really required.

  4. Alex

    No. The DNG from MLVFS (and probably from mlv_dump or other converters as well) does not look identical to a Canon CR2 in exif. The module itself does not modify the exif in any way - there is no exif tag that can identify dual iso files.

  5. Daniel Fort reporter

    I tested out some 700D and 100D mlv files and once converted to dng's they don't have -CanonModelID either. The 700D returned -UniqueCameraModel like this:

    Unique Camera Model             : ERR:1 md:0x       0 ml:0

    So if this isn't required maybe "get_model_id" should be removed from exiftool-bridge.c so that users won't think that Magic Lantern has turned their camera into a Canon EOS 5D Mark III?

    [EDIT: Oh wait--can't do that. Isn't that important information that is used in dcraw-bridge.c?]

  6. Daniel Fort reporter

    Note that if the mlv is converted with MLVFS (without the Dual ISO option enabled) then those dng files are processed with cr2hdr the processed dng's cannot be opened with Adobe Camera Raw. Looking at them in exiftool Color Matrix 1 and Baseline Exposure are undef. However, this is a different issue. I'm trying to get other user's input with this forum discussion:

  7. Alex

    Camera identification from string seems to work fine here.

    From exif, the output DNG has Color Matrix 1 defined, but it was defined with the older version as well (on your sample DNG). Baseline Exposure is still undefined, but the original dng does not have this tag either. I'm not sure what to do here, since I don't have ACR.

  8. Daniel Fort reporter

    Just checked it and it is finding EOSM just fine but on the 700D it is now coming out as:

    Camera          : Canon ERR:1 md:0x       0 ml:0

    Doubt there is anything that can be done about that.

    The Color Matrix 1 issue I pointed out is only from dng's processed through MLVFS and there is no real need to run cr2hdr when using MLVFS because it can process dual_iso. In any case, don't want to confuse the issues!

    Thanks for the quick turnaround on this @a1ex !

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