50D Goes crazy with 2.3 version

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Luan Silva created an issue


So i've been using my 50D with ML since a year ago or so...

I never updated the version of ML but now i bought a new CF Card and i realised that a new version was available. I downloaded and installed and now i have this bug.

When i record video the camera goes crazy, the CMOS start flashing white and black and its impossible to record like that.

I made a video to show what i'm talking about.

Someone can help me to fix this?


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  1. Alex

    Since I don't have a 50D, I can't really help much. I can check it on 5D2 (which is pretty similar) next week, if you find a way to reproduce the issue.

  2. Walter Schulz

    First delete ML directory and autoexec.bin from card and copy extracted nightly build content to card. You don't need to format card or run installation procedure again. Now retest and report results.

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