6D freezes up in 1280/60p ALL-I mode

Issue #2406 duplicate
Pr0n1n created an issue

Using Nightly.2015Nov07.6D116. During recording 60fps MLV RAW at resolutions 1824x466 & 1280x326 (didn't try other resolutions), pressing "Loop" button causes EOS-6D camera to stall with a frozen LV. Battery removal is required to reset the camera. After restart everything acts normally. The bug is stable and easily repeatable.

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  1. Licaon Kter

    Hold on a moment

    MLV RAW in 1280/60p ALL-I mode

    That's doesn't make sense, you either record RAW ( w/ ML menu -> Video -> RAW MLV -> ON ) or H.264 ALL-I mode ( w/ ML menu -> Video -> RAW MLV -> OFF ), they don't mix.

    Also update issue description with VERSION 6D

  2. Licaon Kter

    Component should be RAW then.

    Again, no mention of ALL-I ( which is H.264 specific NOT RAW! ) in that thread.

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