6D Battery drain issue

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As soon as I load ML and activate any feature my battery drains very quickly. I went from 100% to dead in less than an hour.

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  1. Alex

    How much does the battery last with plain Canon firmware, with a similar usage scenario?

    Can you do a controlled test? (e.g. recording a movie with and without ML, starting with a fully charged battery)

  2. Andrea

    I have same problem with my canon 5dmk2 .. the only module I enable is the dual iso but its off all the time. I tryed powersaving to 1 minute rec+ idle but the drain its going on just apply the last nighty build yesterday

  3. Andrea

    I did nothing i didnt tell, i had enable dual iso then restarted the camera .. i saw the power setting module and change it .. in the morning the battery was red .. charged it, now its 80% and it did 2 pics only .. i disconnect the card with ml and it stop drain, I remember i changed the power setting to 1 minute from 30 minute was the clean installation hope this help

  4. Andrea

    Just noticed now the card its a bit warm .. not hot just warm with the camera on or off ... even the camera now its bit warm

  5. Andrea

    Sorry i think already told you, i did nothing. Just installed nightly build .... now i have restarted the ML but its still draining, sorry for the incovenience i dont know how i can help .. now i try last normal ML. I download the Nightybuild just for try the dual iso feautres

  6. Chalermpol Punjatep

    I confirm the problem. It happened just when my Tamron 24-70 VC USD is attached to the camera. My recommendation is dismounting the lens while the camera is not in use.

    FYI: This Tamron lens introduces such problems without ML installed too, unless you have the newer version of mainboard. I have it upgraded by Tamron Service and the problem is gone, until I installed ML. That's why I try dismounting the lens, and... bingo!!

  7. Maqs

    So it only happens with that particular lens? Does it happen with ML disabled as well (e.g. by pressing SET while turning on the camera)?

  8. Chalermpol Punjatep

    @Maqs: I've tested 3 conditions: 1. Tamron 24-70 VC USD mounted. 2. Sigma 35 1.4 ART mounted. 3. No lens mounted. The problem occurs "only" under the first condition, so it seems this is so obvious that I don't have to test anything further.

    If you or anyone also have such problems, I'd suggest to dismount the lens, even if it's not this particular model.

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