500D with Multiple issues. Suspected bad/corrupted Firmware?

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I have a 500D that has lost many of its capabilities. Namely, It no longer meters correctly through the viewfinder. It wants to set the shutter to the fastest speed 1/4000, and Smallest Aperture. Only in live view does it meter reasonably. Landscape, Macro, Night, No Flash, and Video options no loner function as such. Lanscape now = Portrait, Macro=Full Auto, Sports=CA, Night = P, No Flash = Tv and, Video=Av

Also pressing the pop-up flash causes the release mechanisim to spasm and throw an Err 20 code.

I basically have a full manual camera at this point and no video. Video does work when I ran ML bench test.

These issues occur with and without magic lantern. I've tried reinstalling the 1.1.1 Firmware and different releases of ML (unified and nightly build) to no avail. Any advice/direction would be greatly appreciated.


Kristina younkri@yahoo_dot_c0m

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