Canon EOS 550D battery drain

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Using the latest nightly builds for my Canon EOS 550Ds.

Followed the guides. Read the instructions and more troubleshooting before even trying to install it. Have over 20 years of computer knowledge (game development, coding, STEAM-listed, much experience with hardware and cameras and coding in general).

The install went as clockwork.

I love your work! I appreciate all the effort you guys put into this code so much you guys have no idea.

My battery seem to drain unussualy fast even when my camera is switched of completely.

Have read about the hatch for the SD-card. How that works and interfares with the hardware even when switched off.

Biggest concern is that I have a fully charged battery. Take some pictures. Turn the camera off, and then next time i turn it on it has half the battery only. Or somotimes it wont even boot because the battery is completely empty.

Have searched the forums and the bug-tracker but without any real answer to what may cause this behaviour.

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