Canon EOS 550D battery drain

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Markus Lövdell created an issue

This will be a duplicate of my post not being a user. How I found out my forum user is not connected to this ticket-repository I thought I might as well create a user here.

I am using the latest nightly builds for my Canon EOS 550Ds.

Followed the guides. Read the instructions and more troubleshooting before even trying to install it. Have over 20 years of computer knowledge (game development, coding, STEAM-listed, much experience with hardware and cameras and coding in general).

The install went as clockwork.

I love your work! I appreciate all the effort you guys put into this code so much you guys have no idea.

My battery seem to drain unussualy fast even when my camera is switched off completely.

Have read about the hatch for the SD-card. How that works and interfares with the hardware even when switched off.

Biggest concern is that I have a fully charged battery. Take some pictures. Turn the camera off, and then next time i turn it on it has half the battery only. Or somotimes it wont even boot because the battery is completely empty.

Have searched the forums and the bug-tracker but without any real answer to what may cause this behaviour.

Worth to mention is that I am using a healthy battery that without Magic Lantern takes 500 RAW before dying.

With Magic Lantern I can take 10 then the next day I turn my camera on half of my battery is gone.

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  1. Alex

    If the battery is draining while the camera is turned off, that means incorrect shutdown. To recognize it quickly, power down the camera, then try to turn it back on. After a bad shutdown, the camera would not turn back on without taking the battery out, because the on/off switch is actually a soft button.

    Find a way to reproduce (settings used, actions).

    Battery drain in normal conditions is documented in the FAQ, but drain with the camera turned off is not normal.

  2. Markus Lövdell reporter

    Thanks for the quick answer. Very profesional I have to say.

    My camera always turns on without taking out the battery first so I guess i never had a bad shut down.

    And yes I will try to reproduce the issue here most def.

    I have been "playing" around with almost all the settings like a kid for christmas (that's how much Magic Lantern means to me). So it makes sense that somewhere something went wrong.

    I have several 550Ds. And I am going to reset the Magic Lantern for the camera I issued this ticket for as well when the battery is fully charged. And see what happens.

    Also I am going to do more of my homework about battery drainage from the FAQ absolutely. Keep up the good work!

  3. richwyoung

    I have the same issue. Very consistent. Never had the issue with the earlier Canon models. Only thing I have found that works is completely removing the battery. Even with the door left open the battery drains. Real pain. Thanks.

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