Frame difference motion detection always zero on 6D.116 (Nov 15 nightly)

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dylan justice
created an issue

Like the subject says: with the Nov 15 nightly, frame-difference motion detection is always zero. Same with all sizes of detection area, and several values for threshold.

Please let me know if I can help with the diagnosis.

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  1. dylan justice reporter

    Neither build 297 nor 312 work with frame difference (both work with exposure change). If you can tell me a place to download older firmwares, I'm happy to try a couple of older builds.

  2. dylan justice reporter

    My bad, I didn't see all the older builds on I downloaded a handful of older ones. It didn't work with any of builds 296, 264, 200, 100, nor 1 on firmware 113.

    Contrasting with the working v31337.TRAGIC build, the following is what happens in the jenkins builds:

    1) Motion level indication at top left never changes from value of 0 2) Detect area is solid black 3) A small thumbnail is flashed at the center of the detect area about 1x per second.

  3. Andreas Schuetz

    I have the same problem at my Canon EOS 5D Mark 3.

    With the latest built (27.01.2017) and firmware 1.1.3 motion detection is not working with Trigger set to frame diff. motion detection is showing always zero.

    Any advise?


  4. Andreas Schuetz


    sorry one little mistake. The firmware of my Canon EOS 5D Mark 3 is 1.2.3.

    I did several trials and went back to the built from the 15.03.2014. Even at that built the problem occur.


  5. Alex

    Yes, but the priority is low (because the reward to effort ratio is very small). There is an attempt in the new-lv-buffer-detection branch, if anyone is willing to look into it.

  6. wizbrewery

    Hi, I'm new to ML and using the beta build (2016 Oct05) on the Canon EOS 100D. same behaviour (Getting 0 on Frame Diff with motion detect.)

    The exposure change trigger seems to work well

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