No collapsed lens warning on power on

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Daniel Fort created an issue

Overlays are taking precedence over a Canon warning message.

When first powering on the camera with a lens that has the lens collapsed (Canon 11-22mm and probably the new 15-45mm EF-M) the warning message doesn't show. If the lens is extended then collapsed again the message does appear.

Maybe this is related to the shutter-bug? Collapsing then extending the lens will eliminate the shutter-bug.


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  1. Daniel Fort reporter


    Set Global Draw to OFF, cycled power with lens in collapsed position -- no lens warning.

    Extended then collapsed (with camera on) and lens warning appeared.

    I tried all the Global Draw settings, OFF, LiveView, QuickReview and "ON, all modes" with the same results.

    BTW--perhaps "LiveView" is an invalid or redundant setting on the EOSM since it is always in LV?

  2. Alex

    QuickReview is the image review after you take a picture (which is not live).

    Does the message disappear with a minimal autoexec?

  3. Daniel Fort reporter

    Here are the results using the three minimal autoexec.bin files that I could find. Which was posted here: Canon lens warning does appear. Everything seems fine as if there was no ML present. Which was posted on the shutter-bug issue on 2015-04-30 Camera won't start. Green led blinking. Which was posted on the shutter-bug issue on 2015-11-09 Camera won't start. Green led blinking.

    Note that I did a battery pull and started the camera without a card to make sure settings from the previous test were not persistent.

  4. Alex

    Of course, I meant with a minimal autoexec that works (so, the first one is fine).

    Do you have the shutter bug with this minimal autoexec? In the shutter bug thread, you reported two different results, and I'm interested in what happens in this particular case.

  5. Daniel Fort reporter

    You are right (of course) I ran that test in January and again last month. I'm not sure which cards I used on those tests so for thoroughness I ran it again just now and found something interesting. I've got one Lexar 64GB 600x card that very consistently exhibits the shutter-bug and several SanDisk 32GB 95MB/s cards that never exhibit the shutter-bug. So I loaded the minimal autoexec.bin on each of these cards and got different results.

    64GB Lexar card = Canon lens warning doesn't show - shutter-bug present

    32GB SanDisk card = Canon lens warning shows - shutter-bug not present

    So even though the Lexar card that has the shutter-bug when it is started with the minimal autoexec.bin and the lens in the collapsed position, the Canon lens warning will not display. Once the lens is extended the shutter-bug is gone. (I suppose that collapsing and extending the 11-22mm lens has the same effect and unmounting and remounting the lens.)

    With a full working ML installation on the SanDisk card that never exhibits the shutter-bug and the camera is started with the lens in the collapsed position the Canon lens warning will not display. (There's the inconsistency.)

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