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Sometimes when I shoot RAW, the frames I get have a sharp vertical division exactly in the middle. Carefully inspecting, I concluded that there is a lag / mismatch of successive frames creating this. I use Canon 5d mk 3, 64GB 1000x cards. I have this effect even with Default ML settings. The only modules I enable are mlv RAW video, mlv sound, Auto ETTR Always ON.

Here are 3 succesive frames that illustrate the problem.

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  1. Alex

    In-camera lack of sync could only create horizontal splitting, not vertical.

    Can you try a different converter?

  2. QuentinBit

    Yes, I know how rolling shutter works. Very weird. I use MLRAW Viewer, 1.4.3 on Windows 10. Do you recommend something else ?

  3. Alex

    It's not rolling shutter.

    A sync issue in ML might cause half of the image from one frame, and the other half from the next frame. In this case, you would see a horizontal sharp cut, but never a vertical one, because images are stored in memory line by line. This vertical cut could only happen from a bug on a program that stores images in memory column by column.

    Not sure what to recommend on Windows. For myself, I use mlv_dump or mlvfs.

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