Porting to 760D

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Daniel created an issue

@a1ex how hard do you think it is to port ML to the 760D / how long would it take? Do you think it's a matter of hours, days, weeks, months or years?

Because if it would be years a friend probably rather would buy a 70D....

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  1. Daniel reporter

    @Licaon_Kter it would be really great if you could to that, and then send me a link. I can't do it myself because I'm 15y/o and you need to be 16 to be able to sign up to the forum

  2. Walter Schulz

    Skills needed: - C programming language - Assembler programming embedding devices (preferable ARM architecture) And several hundred hours of work + a few pushes into the right direction from dev team members. And there has to be a maintainer. Willing to wage in several hundred hours each time ML has to be updated to newer firmware versions.

  3. Daniel reporter

    No of course not. I've no idea of assembly nor any deeper understanding of c. Well, builds.magiclantern.fm seems to be down


    Anyways, I don't think there was any "official" build for the 70D, but I saw a PR. So my question is if a working version for the 70D exists

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