Camera hangs when removing SD card and closing door

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Michael Bogner created an issue

Hi, when I remove the SD card and afterwards closing the SD card door the Canon 60D is completely out of any function and remain in this issue. When removing and installing it without closing the door in-between there is no issue. Issue also appears when camera is switch off and afterwards powered on.

Issue is with and without ML Lantern (but just started after using ML Lantern).

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  1. Michael Bogner reporter

    No - absolutely nothing.

    What I tried so far: Reseting all settings to default, removing ML Lantern, reinstall ML Lantern, Reinstall Canon firmware. All without success....

  2. Michael Bogner reporter

    Stating: Camera: '60D' Camera Model: Canon EOS 60D Firmware Version: 1.1.1 / 3.3.7 6C82f) IMG naming: 100CANON/IMG_6144.JPG Artist: divepics Boot flags: FIR=0 BOOT=-1 RAM=-1 UPD=-1 ROMBASEADDR: 0xFF010000 DONE!

  3. Michael Bogner reporter

    Bringing the camera in the described issue and inserting the card afterwards nothing happens

  4. Alex

    Okay, so it's not what I thought.

    So, the issue is present without ML as well. Does it help if you clear all camera settings and custom functions from Canon menu?

  5. Michael Bogner reporter

    No - but this file caused an additional issue. The monitor is now a little bit flickering and I can still barely read the "first sentence containing the rescue word"

  6. Alex

    It will disappear soon.

    When you shut down the camera with ML loaded, does the LED turn on, then, a few seconds later, off?

  7. Alex

    Running out of options...

    If you turn on the camera without card, then you turn it off and back on, does it work?

    If you turn on the camera with ML, then you turn it off, then back on, how does the LED behave?

    Next year I'll be able to reflash your ROM on my 60D and see if I can reproduce your issue.

  8. Michael Bogner reporter

    for the first one - no, can press any button, turn off - on several times... nothing will happen

    With ML the same - LED is not flashing...

    The issue starts when closing the door. I can remove the card and reinsert without any issue as long as I don't close the door...

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