Focus peaks and zebras not working on 700D

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Giovanni Zappa created an issue


I've been trying to make the focus peaks and zebra features work on my new 700D with no avail. I'm running latest firmware and build, any idea what the problem might be?

Thank you

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  1. Giovanni Zappa reporter

    Hey Walter, global draw is on "always on" and i'm on the ML screen, I can see all other activated features like the histogram and magic zoom, but no focus peaks and no zebras. I tried changing their settings but nothing changes. At one point I took a picture and I could see the focus peaks dots in the pic review for about 2 seconds, then after the review disappeared it went back to ML screen without focus peaks or zebras.

  2. nikfreak

    What's your submenu setting for Global draw? ("OFF", "LiveView", "QuickReview", "ON, all modes") ??? I recommend to reformat or use another card and try installing from scratch. Default ML installation shouldn't have the problem you described.

  3. Giovanni Zappa reporter

    Sorry global draw is on "ON all modes", not "always on" as i said in the previous post, anyway it really should work. I'll try to format and reinstall, thanks!

  4. Giovanni Zappa reporter

    Hey Kevin, after formatting and reinstalling I found out that the zebras and focus peaks only work if I turn off the magic zoom, I can't get them to work together. It's not the perfect solution but at least it's something!

  5. Alex

    Focus peaking and magic zoom are CPU-intensive overlays, so they can't run both. Try DIGIC peaking instead.

    An exception could be made for fast zebras with magic zoom, but it's not straightforward to code.

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