need some help with 6D

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Zah Kazah created an issue

Hello, I'm running firmware 1.1.6 on my 6D, and today i was playing with motion detection feature and AF options with that, when suddenly camera crashed. When I restarted it ( even got out the battery ) i lost my af in 6d. I've been trying af on tamron 24-40, and canon 70-200, and nothing, like there is no connection between lens and camera body. So i decided to format my card, even reload magic lantern - still it didn't help. Of course - i'm keeping rom.bin on my computer. Any help?..:((

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  1. Zah Kazah reporter

    more details: lens is recognized by camera body, stabilization works, back focus button works - i can get things in focus using it, but there is no response when i use main focus button.

  2. Zah Kazah reporter

    ok, i got it working - somehow operations ( c.fn III ) were messed up. sorry for trouble.

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