Missing single frame on every sequence MLV Raw crop mode 5d Mark III

Issue #2440 resolved
LUIGI BACCINO created an issue

Hello Guys, i've a problem with the two last nightly 5dMKIII 20-12-2015 and 15-11-2015 firmware 113. When i shot in crop mode MLV on every sequence it's missed one frame, fps override,card spanning and dual iso or not it's always the same, only in crop mode without crop mode every thing it's working perfecly . File are converted with raw2cdng.1.7.4 and graded directly to davinci resolve that show me the exact number of the frame missed. Thanks very much for the wonderfull job.

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  1. LUIGI BACCINO reporter

    No,it happens only with mlv, i've also tryed with mlv_lite and it work correcly. I use to shot at 2880x1080 or 3200x1200 now i'm using -Nightly.2016Apr22.5D3113 some issue.

  2. LUIGI BACCINO reporter

    Thank you very much dmiligan i've tryed raw2cdng 1.6.5 and 1.7.5 and there is no skipped frames

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