Exposure compensation stuck can't be lowered under +3 after Auto/ETTR

Issue #2447 resolved
Licaon Kter created an issue


  • dark scene
  • start Auto/ETTR
  • exposure will go to +5 (and fail since it's so dark)
  • try to get exposure compensation back to 0

What should happen:

  • use the wheel to change exposure back from +5 to 0

What happens:

  • use the wheel to change exposure but you can do that only to +3
  • press INFO to get Canon menu
  • press exposure compensation
  • use wheel/arrows to get back to 0

Comments (14)

  1. Alex

    Yeah, and from what I tried, the behavior is similar to what dmilligan said (two metering systems conflicting with each other, rather than helping each other).

    Should be fixed in the backend as well, since other parts of the code may change it (especially since we have Lua scripting). That's MAX_AE_EV in consts.h, and other cameras may need this fix too.

    Do you mind looking up this value online for ML-enabled cameras? (I guess it can be found in screenshots or user guides)

  2. Licaon Kter reporter

    Model ExpComp AEB

    • 1100d +/-5 2
    • 500d +/-2 2
    • 50d +/-2 2
    • 550d +/-5 2
    • 5dm2 +/-2 2
    • 5dm3 +/-5 3
    • 600d +/-5 2
    • 60d +/-5 3
    • 650d +/-5 2
    • 6d +/-5 3
    • 700d +/-5 2
    • 7d +/-5 3
    • EOSM +/-3 2

    You use AEB to extend it so it reaches 3+2 say on my EOSM?

  3. Alex

    I don't use AEB; what happened here was that ML tried to set an exposure value higher than Canon's valid limits (which caused UI troubles).

    What does the third number mean?

  4. Alex

    Ah, got it. I don't use the AEB in ML code, other than telling the user if he enabled both ML and Canon version.

  5. Licaon Kter reporter

    I guess, I'll rebuild locally to test since I believe that the only problem was the forced +5 max where as the camera can do +3 max.

    Since the others have this value correct it might not affect them.

    /LE: Build ok, stops at +3

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