Exposure Compensation display is slow

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Licaon Kter created an issue

to sync up with the values, basically I rotate the wheel and it take it seconds to update the value on screen in the ML UI.

Is that normal?

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  1. Licaon Kter reporter

    Maybe I expect it to be faster somehow, it's not as fast as aperture/shutter time, it's like that for you too?

  2. Licaon Kter reporter

    Not sure what happens, it's rather un-even.

    I tend to find it at +3.0 sometimes (I do blame myself for somehow loosing the wheel on those fps override long tests though).

    While other times, read most times, it takes a bit (aka delay) to change from +0.3 to 0.0, and these too events combine makes me want to have a way to disable compensation altogether.

    Can this be done? I mean disable wheel control of the compensation altogether.

  3. Alex

    Disabling EC is a little ugly - the only way I can think of is to undo the changes (so you'll still see the values flicking back and forth on Canon's screen). Why? This part is handled by the MPU, which we can't control yet.

    To solve the issue, can you check if you get any events (Debug -> Show GUI events) while adjusting this? Maybe ML doesn't handle them properly (it should force a refresh of the bottom bar).

  4. Licaon Kter reporter

    Yes, Debug -> Show GUI events shows the value changed instantly yet the bottom bar takes even up to 3 secs. to update.

  5. Licaon Kter reporter

    For the moment I've added in boot-hack.c a reset EC to zero on start that helps:

    35:     #include "lens.h"
    591:    lens_set_ae(0);

    Not sure if this is useful for others (is EC previous value something that's worth remembering on camera start?) so that I bother with a ML menu setting. Ideas?

    Again, my use case here: have the camera off strapped to my neck, glance at it to find it on (wth?), turn it off, then turn it on again later to find that EC was set up (by the same physics laws that started the camera in the first place I guess) all the way to +3.0, fight with the slow wheel to get it to 0.

  6. Licaon Kter reporter

    I want to make a PR with reset EC to zero on start, how do a check for a config parameter from boot-hack.c? I want to add the menu entry in the shoot menu.

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