Canon 600D Battery Drain

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Updated to the nightly build, and after that my battery drains every night, even though it is turned off. All the functions work fine, but kind of annoying, it drains the battery each time I switch it off.

The SD card light also blinks red when I remove or put in the SD card.

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  1. Alex

    Probably an incomplete shutdown. To check it, after turning the camera off, turn it back on. If it doesn't turn on, that was incomplete shutdown and will drain the battery. If it does, the shutdown was probably OK.

    If you get incomplete shutdown: try deleting ML settings and see if you can still reproduce it. Then enable your old settings one by one, until you figure out the buggy one.

    If you don't get incomplete shutdown, but you are still seeing battery drain (unlikely), try older builds until you find then one that started to cause problems.

    Without this info, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to fix it.

  2. Giajenthiran Velmurugan

    Hi I was the one reporting the problem. I am pretty sure you are right in your diagnosis, because I had difficulties turning it on again. I have removed the nightly build and put it on again (thereby the settings should be reset). If I find the specific setting causing the incomplete shutdown, I will let you know :)

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