5D MKiii Firm 1.2.3 camera fail

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Mike Guest created an issue

I have put a link in to show you the problem as i think its the easyest way to explain the problem and have tried to explain below for you as well 

https://vimeo.com/152670048 password : canon

Software Problem 

Basically you turn on the camera in mode M and then the MENU button and nothing happens you have to switch in to one of the modes below M on the functions dile and then back to M and you can access the MENU.

Once in the MENU when you scroll the main dial the green will cut out and you will have to do the same process again to get it to work.

You can start the camera in Auto mode and its all works fine then when you go back to M  the problem starts again with the screen cutting out when you use the Main Dial.

i have put Magic Lantern Firmware 1.2.3 i know i know not a good plan but hay such is life. This was done 8 mouths ago and had had no problems.

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  1. Alex

    Just in case - copy ML/LOGS/ROM*.BIN to your PC before continuing. If it's from an older card, that's even better, since you want a copy of the ROM before the problem started.

    Did you try to restore Canon settings?

    Do you get the problem if you use the camera with display on?

    What did you do before the problem started to appear? (what might have been triggered it?)

  2. Mike Guest reporter

    cards no longer have ML on them now after this all kicked off i deleted them is some random fit of fear as i was on a shoot.

    yes did a restore Canon settings

    Yes was with display on and off

    Its odd there was no specific thing that i id from what i can tell . It started off as a sporadic thing and then did not happen again till last week and then the fault stayed as permeant.

    My 5D has had a hard life but it seems to be software not hardware well thats what the dude at CPS canon professional services thinks when i celled them. I explained the problem to him in detail and he cam to the conciliation its might be the Main PCB and possibly something to do with ML but gain not shore

  3. Alex

    If it started as sporadic, that's a bit fishy.

    I can create some test builds that would print all Canon's debug messages, but not right now.

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