700D/T5i MLV IDNT metadata incorrect

Issue #2460 resolved
Daniel Fort created an issue

mlv_dump and MLVFS showing incorrect metadata for mlv file shot on 700D/T5i.


Possibly issue with mlv.c ?

    /* default values */
    hdr->cameraName[0] = '\000';
    hdr->cameraSerial[0] = '\000';
    hdr->cameraModel = 0;

    /* get camera properties */
    err = PROPAD_GetPropertyData(PROP_CAM_MODEL, (void **) &model_data, &model_len);
    if(err || model_len < 36 || !model_data)
        trace_write(raw_rec_trace_ctx, "[IDNT] err: %d model_data: 0x%08X model_len: %d", err, model_data, model_len);
        snprintf((char*)hdr->cameraName, sizeof(hdr->cameraName), "ERR:%d md:0x%8X ml:%d", err, model_data, model_len);

    err = PROPAD_GetPropertyData(PROP_BODY_ID, (void **) &body_data, &body_len);
    if(err || !body_data || body_len == 0)
        trace_write(raw_rec_trace_ctx, "[IDNT] err: %d body_data: 0x%08X body_len: %d", err, body_data, body_len);
        snprintf((char*)hdr->cameraSerial, sizeof(hdr->cameraSerial), "ERR:%d bd:0x%8X bl:%d", err, body_data, body_len);

Comments (8)

  1. Daniel Fort reporter

    This is working great. Shouldn't it be merged into unified before being marked as resolved? I just heard that the 650D might have this same issue.

  2. Daniel Fort reporter

    Didn't seem like it happened because the nightly build is dated 2016-01-13 which corresponds to the last commit on the unified branch.

  3. Daniel Fort reporter

    Hate to keep bugging you but the nightlies still don't have <<cset 3a9c6deedafd>> merged.

    Built on: 2016-01-13 17:12:58 -0800
    Changeset: ca5315a
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