Coloured areas error with green and blue hot spots

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I am a newbie regarding the use of ML. I have shot a short film in a club this weekend in RAW and while everything looked fine on the Liveview, we ended up with strange blue areas where green laser lights lit the characters. The same problem seems to happen with the same areas with blue lights from the same lasers. My guess as for now is that the green colours on the most intensely lit areas might be out of the gamut the sensor can handle, resulting in weird interpretation when getting the raw file. But maybe I'm mistaken and that's not the explanation.

Is there a way to prevent it from happening again, and maybe a way to get rid of this glitch when reading the MLV files ?

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  1. Alex

    Indeed, these colors look out of gamut.

    Can you upload a DNG frame obtained with mlv_dump? I'm actually looking for this kind of images.

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