x5 distorted in MLV_REC mode with Magic Zoom off

Issue #2470 invalid
Vobla Unsane created an issue

mlv_rec - on (default settings)
magic zoom - off

- image turns b&w;
- image pixelated;
- slow refresh rate;
- top/bottom cropping appears;

x10: working great as expected!

can also reproduce on 550d.109-2016.02.13:

x5: same problems, except top/bottom cropping;
x10 all right!


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  1. Vobla Unsane reporter

    Thanks for your reply. You must be real busy, but if you care to briefly explain how is this usefull, I would greatly appreciated it.


  2. David Milligan

    It shows the correct framing for recording in crop mode (5x zoom), which would otherwise be incorrect.

    Turn it off and see for yourself

    ML Menu > RAW video (MLV) > Preview Options => Canon

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