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Stephan Schoenharting created an issue

On 5d Mark III 1.1.3 latest nightly:

Today I received my new cf card and did an unattended test, I recorded for 10min at 1920*1080@25p with audio (but mic was off) to check the stability of the card. Recording went completely normal, files are ok, playback via MlRawViewer completely normal.

Playback on camera with mlv_play failed while indexing. 10 out of 13 files seem to get indexed, than an error occured repeatedly: Index error mlv_play can be exited normally, there is no index file on the cf. I can't say if it stops always on the same file, but always with the same error message. It says 10 out of 10, but there are 13.

Regards, kontrakatze

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  1. Stephan Schoenharting reporter

    128gb and the only recording on this card. ML is on an sd card with plenty of space, too.

  2. Stephan Schoenharting reporter

    5 min of recording (7 files, 9191 entries in index) work fine. Could be a var for the index be to small?

  3. Georg Hofstetter

    ouch, true and sad. this would require a massive rewrite of the code.

    the OS can only handle up to 10 open files and i didn't comply with that restriction when making that module.

  4. Stephan Schoenharting reporter

    Hmm, if it would be possible to format the cf-card internally to exFAT, so that a change to FAT32 by accident would be impossible, the problem would be obsolete. The file limit with files much longer would be of only theoretical interest, as payable cf-cards would be filled long before you hit the limit. In addition, a potential crash by accidentally changing the format (allow files bigger than 4GB) would be avoided.

    I'm not sure if this would be possible, but hasn't a1ex found a hint regarding this (

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