ETTR flakey with half double click

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With the 70D Beta-3 / 22th Dec with the Canon 111A firmware, the half-double click activation mode of the ETTR option is flakey. Sometimes it takes multiple (6+) attempts at double-clicking before the ETTR activates. Other times, it works the first and subsequent times, then gets flakey again. I see no obvious pattern as to what helps it to work.

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  1. John Providenza

    I believe the 'set' button is OK. One other user on the AETTR forum also noted that he has the same problem with the half-double click.

  2. nikfreak

    Will have a look into it these days. I recommend switching to use the "SET" button. Meanwhile I will check myself if we need to do it like EOS_M (detect_double_click)

  3. nikfreak

    Can you check your button assignment settings plz? Especially if you have assigned back-button technique (AF-ON for focusing)...

  4. John Providenza

    When I was initially trying ETTR and having problems, I reset the camera to initial settings and have not changed from that, so I don't think there should be any custom button settings.

  5. Walter Schulz

    @John Providenza: Maybe you haven't touched button assignments with that action. See instruction manual page 383:

    Note that the [8 C.Fn III-4: Custom Controls] settings will not be canceled even if you select [8: Clear all Custom Func. (C.Fn)].

  6. John Providenza

    I tried various settings of the AF custom settings, but it seemed to make no difference. If I use "set", ETTR works fine. Any fiddling with trying double half-click is flakey.

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