ML menu exits automatically after 5-10 seconds, video recording is b/w flashes

Issue #2480 duplicate
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When I open ML Menu on a canon 6d, the menu itself automatically exits after 5-10 seconds, regardless of any action i am undertaking.

ALSO, when i am attempting to record (or even live view) video, the exposure goes dark for a few seconds, then back to normal exposure, then back. When i look at any recorded video footage, it is flashing dark/light at a high rate, unusable.

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Duplicate of #1974

    ALSO go to Prefs tab -> Config Files -> Restore ML defaults ... in case you lost track which settings you changened. In this case it's Movie tab -> HDR video and it's intended to work this way. See User Guide and FAQ, too.

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