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5d3 shut down during stills shooting. settings had not been recently changed for the Canon of ML menus. Camera displayed an error 70 (I believe-I did not have a chance to write it down) and a ML overlay popped up saying a error log was being written and I should sent the file to the devs. I switched off the camera and removed the battery after the ML overlay changed. the camera rebooted just fine with the ML Sd card inserted. I switched to a non ml card after a few more shots.

I included every file that seemed like it might be important.

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    (I am the same user as posted this bug report)

    thus far, I have not been able to reproduce this error. the camera is booting just fine with the ML SD card it had when it crashed, it is booting with a boring SD card. when a ML card is used, ML seems to be running fine.


    one other thing the camera did that was unusual during the crash-the mirror went and stayed up (as though live view was active)

    Apologies for not remembering this sooner. It only just crossed my mind that the mirror shouldn't have gone up.

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