650D MLV record crash

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Dear developer, Please find attached crash log from 650D raw mlv record crash , 1280X720 , Magic Lantern version : Nightly.2016Feb28.650D104 Thank you

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  1. SAS

    Not sure , since I was nubie on ML and try starting to learn record raw video with mlv_rec module ....

    Please elaborate me, are there any specific parameter for taking video on raw with mlv ?

    I can shoot raw with mlv about 1 minute long and than crash , i was using sandisk extreme pro card r/w 80MBps ( thought should enough, since max memory bus for 650D only 40 MBps :( .....

  2. SAS

    After reset all setting and re- enable mlv raw , no crash anymore , but with 720p , I could only shoot for 45 seconds before "frame skip" message and stop recording , are there any parameter have to be enable so we can shoot continuously ? Thank you

  3. Licaon Kter

    Not sure, that's a function of camera performance and card.

    720p meaning RAW setting was 1280x720 or what?

  4. SAS

    Yes , 720p=1280X720 ..... , still got crash , after trying to switch from auto to manual focus on lens ( lens EFS 55-250 IS STM ) ...

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