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Danielle Famble created an issue

Hello! I installed ML about 2 months ago and I'm still new with it. Today as I was shooting photos this screen came up. I took out the SD card and replaced it with one that does not have ML installed and the camera works fine. When I try to turn on the camera with the SD card with ML installed on it, this screen comes up and I can only turn off the camera and reboot. Any advise on how to move forward?

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  1. Kristian Taylor

    Me too I have had the exact thing happen to me today just now.

    had it on my camera for months and no issues. I also updated to the latest nightly build same issue.

    shut it down and it starts up ok for a short time again before I get the same errorIMG_20160401_144910.jpg

  2. Troy Fardell

    I have just had the exact same issue (1st April too). on a 6D. had been using ML only a few days earlier for timelapse with no issues.Tried reformating, new battery, new nightly build but same.

  3. Jey

    It's a very very "nice" joke...

    My girlfriend is abroad for 10 days. Today, she can't work because the 6D is blocked. When blue screen disappears, A new screen with "Busy" remains displayed until she's remove the battery. When the battery and power on, the 6D display the bluescreen.

    Very very nice joke again, she can't work...

  4. Erik Brundidge

    This nearly got me fired. Boss used our ml enabled camera for the first time. This screen comes up, he knows that I put ML on the camera. Will this be removed by next year or should we as a firm just write ML off as garbage? Because we need our hardware to be 100% reliable, regardless of the date.

  5. Kristian Taylor

    I want to thank ML for all the wonderful work they do.

    now here is how a april fools joke goes and how to make it funny.

    random error pop up on screen "oh crap my camera is toast!" Arg.... stress ... worry .... panic.... restart camera ...

    "April fools you have been got by the ML team - Enjoy your day" message on the screen

    " ha ha ... got me .. that was a good one ML!"

    everyone laughs and thinks ML did a great april fools joke.

  6. Licaon Kter

    Oh come on, this was covered rather well last year, just put magic lantern error 0x000000aa in your favourite search engine.

    Wonder why nobody did this instead of creating yet another issue here.

    Speaking of professionals, one should know their tools AND how to look for help.

  7. Kristian Taylor

    and being a dick is just being a dick where clearly was the point here. if you wanted a joke then it would trigger once and be done rather than waste someones time trying to work out WFT is going on. Having to spend the time going to the computer and searching for a solutions to a joke is sooo much fun.

    because it was set to happen for the day for the unlucky person it shows that was the programmers clear intent, really fuck with someones day and piss them off.

    I bet you are one of the people who love Sam Peppers Pranks.

    Learn where a prank stop and common sense kicks in.

  8. Kristian Taylor

    I think that should be added to your disclaimers - we reserve the right to be Dicks and fuck with you whenever we like for no reason.

    I clearly missed seeing that on the download page.

  9. Maqs

    Quick reminder:

    You can always just turn on the camera without magic lantern being started. Just press the SET key while switching it on.

  10. Troy Fardell

    From a business point of view, many of us use ML professionally. The ML guys should know this and despite their product being free, a customer should be respected. I was up in an ultralight to photography some coastline. We take off, committed, turn the camera on, no reason to expect an issue since yesterdays use. BLUE Freaking screen. Im not in front of the net @ 1000ft to search the issue which looks legit. Not good when you then pull out the iPh to get the images!!! For years I have spruked the good work of ML to other pros. Sorry, but this was joke the worst business decision I have seen. I spent hours reflashing trying to get this to work prior to travelling to another job. I got through 1/2 the job to find out it was a sick joke. Wanting to give the client a cool timelapse, I drove back to the office the next day to reinstall (and test) ML. More wasted time in travel. The only people "LMAO" are those that didnt use it THAT day. How old are you guys? 16? Come on be professional next year.

  11. Audionut

    so a warning to everyone being pranked yesterday: you are not prepared for serious shooting with magic lantern, if this was a real problem to you.

    why? if you use ML for business make sure a failure, no matter if serious issues or not so serious (like yesterday) wont get you in trouble! - take ML-free backup-cards with you - make yourself confident with rescue procedures and how to temporary disable ML - ML, especially "latest" versions can introduce troublesome behavior

    yes, its cool that ML is being used in a lot of serious stuff. we really love that. but we expect users to be prepared for the moment when ML is going nuts for some reason. this day will come.

  12. Troy Fardell

    Sure, dib dib, dob dob .. be prepared. But when things work well for so long you can forget basic failsafe procedure. Especially if ML is simply in the background and used occasionally. Look, all the disclaimer about product failures being a 'possibility' is fine but for you to deliberately induce a fained failure, is just dumb business. We dont need fire drills. And if we do, maybe the joke should self correct and say it was a drill and you (the user ) should brush up on ML skills. I do Aerial photography, If I rock up to a survey job and say "the drone is bricked, cant fly today " and walk away only to call the next day and say "April fools, you should have had a backup operator! Lets do it now." Imagine the more work from them. Anyway, enough time spent on this.

  13. Audionut

    ML isn't a business, it's a hobby project developed by a few guys on our spare time for fun.

    This feature is designed specifically to remind you of the problems that may occur from using ML. Be thankful that this time it was our defined feature that caused you problems, and not some real bug that bricked your camera. Or just keep practicing your "pro" complaining skills........whatever.

  14. Kristian Taylor

    Wait so now it's gone from an April Fools joke to a "feature designed specifically to remind you of the problems that may occur from using ML"

    Audionut can I ask what your association is with ML and if you speak for ML and all of its developers?

  15. Maqs

    As mentioned above, you can always turn the camera on with ML disabled. That way there won't be any surprises, just the regular firmware running. No need to bring a backup operator or anything, it's just one button you have to press. ML stable is pretty old. The nightly versions contain many new features, but not all of them are stable. While the developers do anything possible to prevent surprises, there will never be a guarantee, simply because there's no reliable documentation on hardware or software used in the camera. Therefore it's not a good idea to assume ML will always just work. Especially professional users should know how to start the camera without ML in case of problems, even though this also means they cannot use ML features then.

    On the other hand, I can really understand that it's unpleasant not to be able to use ML. It worked fine the day before, so why should I not expect it to do so today?

    My personal opinion is that even though I'm personally not a fan of this joke, there needs to be some way to make sure users know how to avoid running into problems with ML. Most people don't bother reading manuals – especially troubleshooting parts – beforehand and will therefore be flat on their back if something happens.

  16. Licaon Kter

    @troy_fardell "The ML guys should know this and despite their product being free, a customer should be respected."

    What customers? Really, you are not a customer of ML, no one is.

    Did you ever read the EULA on actual commercial for money software? You'd be surprised, they have the same hands off attitude, "if it's broken yeah sorry" so maybe it will be fixed in an update or the next version that costs the full amount again. You don't have proper guaranteed and tested software on this side of the world, maybe on the side of NASA you'd trust it enough to bet your life on it, everywhere else no so much.

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