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After playing with ML using a 64Gb sd card I found that the normal settings of M, AV, TV do not allow me to set any speeds. I can change the speed but it seems to be overridden. When using the portrait, landscape functions etc (those anti clockwise to the the green square) seem to work ok. I have removed the SD cardand use another and also reload version 111 of the operating system but the issues still exists. Is there a setting that the ML sets that might override the speed settings that is not revolved by reuploading the origianl 111 version. I am using a standard canon 18-55mm lense.

Thoughts? Kind regards Peter Billingham

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  1. peter billingham

    Sorry speed = exposure time setting. What would normally be 1/125 sec didn't happen. When clicking the button it seemed to take a 'shot' for 30 seconds ( I timed it) before clicking again to end what would normally be a time exosure. Mind you there is nothing in the album shots taken file on the sd card - so it appears it just clicks but not really takes a photo. Strange I know. As mentioned if I use any of the settings ot right the green square thay seem to work as expected.

  2. peter billingham

    I just changed lenses to a telephoto and then back again to the 18-55 (both Canon) and it now seems to work ?? As I changed lenses I clicked to the button whilst there was no lense and the mirror remains up between the 30 clicks - I guess as you would expect. Thoughts ?

  3. peter billingham

    Good afternoon a1ex The MLU seeting as disabled, however I enabled it and then disabled it again and that seems to have cleaed it. Hopefully so - thanks very much for your assistance. kne regards Peter Billingham

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