5d MK II, BlueScreen Crash or April fool

Issue #2493 closed
SAMUEL KIPGEN created an issue

I update my camera with build on 2016-03-31 for my canon 5dmk ii.. i work fine, take couple of MLV video too.. every things fine. Well today date 01 of Aprill 2016 i got crash with bluescreen. Telling to switch DIGIC PEAKING to ON, SHoot todays Date that is 1st April, and to reboot.

An then with this ERROR , stop ox000000aa(0x1000af22,)xdeadbeff,0xfff) and with a some text "You bricked"

I reboot it quickly, it works. Shit! Im Safe! Man... And i uninstall the MagicLentern. for safety measure..

So, is this a real bug, or some ApriFool stuff. If its april fool stuff, well you got me.. lol

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