6D Crash blue screen and Yellow raw

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Hi,excuse me for my English , I'm a french user.

Yesterday , I installed the latest version of ML for my Canon 6D. (1.1.6 VERSION) The malfunction menu screen photo (JPG , RAW ETC ) appear briefly at the same time the ML menu.

so I installed an older version ( December 2015 )(Of course I HAVE UNINSTALL VERSION BEFORE MOST RECENT) . The menu will automatically close after 5 seconds without reason ...

I still insist and did some video recording raw, but even with the correct white balance setting ( 5200 ) my video raw file was strongly YELLOW (slightly less in daylight) . you know why white balance is not carried out on the raw video ?

I continued to use, but when I start changing the Kelvin a blue screen is displayed ! ML became unusable since ... So I uninstall ML .

I was afraid of my life, I bought the Canon there are two weeks ...

Did you ever experience this problem ?

Why my raw video was yellow ?

Are dangerous to renew this experience with ML ?

thank you very much

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  1. Jim Martin

    I'm surprised a little ... so it is impossible to make an adjustment of the video temperature before ? Here is another test outdoors. The image liveview was correct and yet here I am with a yellow cast once on the computerM31-1622_C0000_00000.jpg

  2. Jim Martin

    I will try again to install the latest update ML 1 April tonight. I hope the menu will no longer bug. I especially want to see this blue screen even though I understand that it was an April Fool lol

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