White balance bug with raw video ?

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Jim Martin created an issue

Good evening

Are normal that my raw video is a slightly yellow cast ?

I have yellow on my videos even in 3200 kelvin .

I feel that changing kelvin does not change the color of my raw file .

So I have always a very yellow image in low light, and slightly yellow in daylight.

Called me if this is normal even if the problem is corrected in post production .

Thank you

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  1. Walter Schulz

    It's most likely user error. Visit Magic Lantern forum and provide some info. Sample RAW would help and detailed info about your postprocessing steps. RAW is RAW and colour temperature/tint is stored in EXIF for postprocessing software to be applied during rendering. And try using a greycard or other calibration. Makes lot more sense than trying to guess actual light spectrum (human perception is good for catching differences but completely unable for getting acorrect number on a scale).

    EDIT: And of course there may be some misunderstanding about Canon's "Tungsten Light" setting. Canon uses 3200K which is standard for studio lighting equipment using conventional lightbulbs. But lightbulbs used in households are far from that. Their colour temperature varies between 2800K and somewhere below 2500K. Lower temperatures (literally) when dimmed. And if you are using AWB: Canon is known for red/yellow tint with incandescent light sources. They tend to measure higher temperatures.

    I won't reply here. See you in ML forum.

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