White balance raw video

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Jim Martin created an issue

I create a new post to better explain my problem.

When I shoot in RAW file that comes on my computer (RGB) and yellow regardless white balance performed during recording .

The screen of my camera when it is at the right temperature .

Es this normal?

Thank you

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  1. Walter Schulz

    User error. As a1ex pointed out there is no metadata stored using RAW_REC.mo. Any adjustment you do in cam will not be seen by postprocessing tools. And you are invited to join discussions in ML forum. This is for bug reports and bug reports require a minimum set of information. Otherwise we won't be able to reproduce errors/bugs.

  2. Walter Schulz

    RAW_REC development is frozen. It's still there but users have to be aware this format is outdated. We encourage users to go with MLV_REC instead. There you have metadata ...

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