EOS 700D/T5i Nightly build not working

Issue #2512 resolved
Ben Warters created an issue

Hello! Still relatively new here - I went to download the nightly build for my t5i, and all I got was the infamous "This Build Failed!" message.

I have a gig tonight that I really wanted to use my old t5i at rather than my 70D because theres supposedly going to be paint/water guns and such - is there a way I could download an older, stable version?

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Most users will accept button "Show older builds" as a hint ...

    @Admin: Mark as invalid, please.

  2. Ben Warters reporter

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that the show older builds and show log buttons don't do anything for some reason. Google chrome, OSX Yosemite.

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