[LCD] Touch feature malfunction

Issue #2515 resolved
nikfreak created an issue

Following situation on 70D / SL1 and maybe other touch enabled cams:

In debug menu -> show tasks -> scroll right to the extended list displaying all tasks.

Now if you touch the lcd then parts of the canon menu will overlay for half a second the list of tasks being dispayed and the canon menu setting popping up will change due to the touch function. Was able to see and edit / browse stuff like "Enable / Disable" and "Format card keep ML" etc.

There's a canon menu setting to disable touch so there's a property which we could overwrite when opening / closing "show tasks" to disallow touch.

Encountered this with some test builds having both "CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN" and also "CONFIG_TSKMON" undefined. Other ML menu items may be affected too (didn't try out yet)

Maybe others with a 700D or 650D can try and confirm.

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  1. Walter Schulz

    Cannot reproduce on 650D. There are two screens: "ML tasks" and "Canon tasks". By touching LCD I'm just going back into Debug tab.

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