Silent Pictures:save DNG error (card full)

Issue #2521 resolved
nikfreak created an issue

Whatever I try I always get.

Silent Pictures:save DNG error (card ful)

This is on SL1 but maybe only there? Didn't try on 70D though. Anyone able to confirm based upon latest nightlies?

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  1. Alex

    Can you log what's happening in save_dng from chdk-dng.c? (add printfs with the arguments, file sizes when it's trying to write, return values from write aka FIO_WriteFile)

    The card is not full, I suppose, right?

  2. nikfreak reporter

    No wasn't fullbut can't replicate it again. Reformatted the card and all is fine again but looks like the card is going to die as it seems painfully slow and wouldn't want to mount on ubuntu a few days ago.

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