MLV Bad frame 3:2 5D Mark III 4-28-2016 Build

Issue #2527 new
Jonathan DeNicholas created an issue

I have found some MLV bad frames in a 4-28-2016 build for 5d3 113. Its usually very consistent. Almost every shot. I have tried no sound ect to try to remedy this but it constantly happens seemingly right below where a 16:9 crop would fall. The corrupted frame exhibits the same characteristics and there is consistently only one bad frame per 10 to 15 second clip. This does not happen in 16:9 MLV only 3:2. And it does not happen in 3:2 standard RAW video. I could not find this by searching and I am so sorry if this has already been properly reported. Let me know what you think. Attached is images of my changed settings and modules. Everything else is default. The lens i was using at the time was a 100mm macro 2.8 L.

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