Glitch colors / almost like recording false colors

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joe saade created an issue

Hello Magic lantern users,

I was on a shoot in 5 different countries and i ended having some glitches in some of the footage when i shot at 50 fps. I am going to be travelling soon on a different project and i would love to solve this issue with magic lantern; since it has become one of my essential tools on set.

kindly find attached some frame grabs of the glitches.

awaiting your reply

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Joe Saade

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  1. joe saade reporter

    We were shooting on three cameras; two of them had the nightly build 2016Feb29 and they had the same problem with the glitches thank you for your reply

  2. Paul Beauchamp

    a1ex identified this as a result of the debug logging in mlv_rec. Right now you have two options. 1. Switch to 113 and use a nightly after April 11th 2016 2. Stay on 123 but use the August 7th 2014 build

    The only issue with option 2 is that you won't be able to roll raw for longer than 40gb (which is about 8.5 mins at 24p)

    I'm not a programmer, but having the debug logging disabled in the next 123 nightly would be a lifesaver for many of us..

  3. joe saade reporter

    Okay thanks a lot. I am hoping there would be a newer nightly build than the 2014 one. and for the 123 firmware option.

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