Creating fir installer results in compile error

Issue #2529 resolved
nikfreak created an issue

make autoexec-fir.bin in installer dir breaks.

Fixed it by uncommenting two lines in mem.c which are marked as being used for selftest.

resulting signed fir file additionally has a strange bug. 100D users cannot turn off the camera after using the installer by switching the camera off with the power button positoned to OFF. They are informed to "Please restart..." but if they miss to take out battery and the 60 seconds are gone.... After battery pull ML just boots up fine.

Didn't experience it that way months ago and the installer for 100D A&B revisions were working all fine. Just noticed after signing the C rev installer some days ago and now got the same bug with a newly signed fir for my B revision camera. Was initially informed about it by a Crevision user on 100d thread.

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