5D MK III - Issue with reviewing images and accessing menu when CF card is full

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to find out if anyone is having similar issues capturing and reviewing images and accessing the menu after the CF card is full (with Magic Lantern installed on the SD).

I was shooting (stills) over the weekend and the first card to record to is my CF card. Once that was full my camera does an auto switch to the SD card. At this point I noticed my camera playing up on me - it wouldn't do the auto switch, it wouldn't let me review images, it wouldn't even let me load up the Canon or Magic Lantern menu's! The screen was just completely black!

I had to turn off/on the camera body a few times for things to work temporarily. Thankfully I was able to get into the menu to select the SD as the recording card. However, I still ran into drama throughout my shoot with it playing up here and there.

Good thing it was not a paid job but it would have been nice to review images to make sure I was hitting my exposure correctly.

Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong here? Are you not supposed to record to SD?

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  1. Alex

    By default, ML forces the active card to be the CF one; however, that shouldn't interfere with menus. Will check.

    (I should probably disable the switch if the free space on the CF card is too low)

  2. Jay

    Licaon: I'm running this build 'magiclantern-Nightly.2015Dec20.5D3123.zip', downloaded 11 Mar 2016

    a1ex: I figured this was the case after it continuously seemed to force itself to want to record onto the CF card - what would be the work around if i fill up my CF card and need to record to the SD?

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